Youssef Chraïbi President
& co-founder
Franck Polizzi Managing Director
& Co-founder
Nicolas BROUSSARD Founder of Simplify
& partner
Youssef Chraïbi
President & co-founder

A graduate of HEC Paris, Youssef Chraïbi began his career as an entrepreneur in France in the field of new technologies at the age of 24 by co-founding, the first online market place for French companies.

In 2003, he created Outsourcia. In January 2010, Youssef Chraïbi became president of the AMRC, Moroccan Association of Customer Relations. In 2016, he became president of the Moroccan Federation for the Outsourcing of Services

Franck Polizzi
Managing Director & Co-founder

He was Co-founder and Director of Customer Relations at Hutchison Telecom where he set up one of the first customer relations centers in France.

He was a manager in a strategy consulting firm for which he managed́ a great deal of customer relationship consulting missions for telecom operators, such as: Orange, SFR.


In 2003, he co-founded Outsourcia with Youssef Chraïbi.


Founder of Simplify & partner

An ECE engineer, Nicolas Broussard founded TEKSAN Consulting in 2002, an IT services and engineering company that was sold to the Nexeya Group (listed on the stock exchange) in 2007.

In 2003, he founded Simplify, a company specializing in the development of medical secretarial solutions and the outsourcing of medical reports.

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