Qualité outsourcia


Since its creation, OUTSOURCIA has focused on high added value services. With its approach focusing on client satisfaction, OUTSOURCIA proposes innovative business models, integrating a strong commitment to quality. The upscale positioning of the Group is reflected in the nature of the relationships it maintains with its customers, marked essentially by proximity, responsiveness and transparency, as well as in the innovative solutions developed and the human and technical resources deployed. OUTSOURCIA's customers are essentially made up of major accounts that have entrusted it with the management of their order-taking unit, their customer service, and their after-sales service, covering both technical and commercial issues.


OUTSOURCIA proposes a specific quality approach, covering all the stages of the project, in particular the selection and supervision of resources as well as the continuous quality control system: tools and processes to ensure internal control of the know-how and human skills, measurement of the quality perceived by customers and contractual commitment on quality.

ISO 18 295

OUTSOURCIA, a top-notch «Quality» management system

In 2018, OUTSOURCIA Group saw its efforts rewarded by receiving the "ISO 18295 - Customer Contact Centre" certification. (former NF345 for which the group was certified since 2011). This certification reflects the group's continuing commitment to pursue a quality approach for its activities.

Its will is to ensure a quality of service that meets the expectations of its customers and thus to value the know-how and the contribution of each of its employees. OUTSOURCIA is one of the first call centers to be certified under the new ISO 18285 standard.

ISO 9001

OUTSOURCIA, a major goal: customer satisfaction!

Certified ISO 9001 since 2012 in Madagascar, OUTSOURCIA group is the 1st Malagasy company to be certified ISO 9001 version 2015, thus demonstrating the group's commitment regarding its quality approach and its willingness to sustain a culture of constant improvement of its processes: organization, management, production, environment...


OUTSOURCIA, a corporate citizen that follows a socially responsible approach

In 2009, OUTSOURCIA Group was awarded the CGEM Label for its efforts in terms of social responsibility. This label formally recognizes the commitment of Moroccan companies to guarantee the respect of their employees' rights, the protection of the environment and the sustainable development of their economic activities and social relationships.

A policy that reflects our desire to continuously improve our working conditions.


OUTSOURCIA is committed to delivering a high-level customer experience.

In 2018, several employees of OUTSOURCIA, achieved COPC®, Customer Operation Performance Center Inc. certification in the Customer Service Provider (CSP) version. The COPC® Standard is the most widely used performance management system for call centers and customer experience activities. This certification is awarded to companies that are committed to achieving excellence and providing the highest levels of quality, efficiency, service and customer satisfaction.


OUTSOURCIA has been nominated by the London Stock Exchange Group to be included in the « Companies to inspire Africa 2017 » list, which annually identifies high-potential African companies that have attracted the attention of the world's leading investors thanks to their ability to innovate and create jobs in their market. To join this project, companies were selected based on several criteria audited between 2012 and 2015: revenue growth, job creation, geographic expansion...



In December 2012, the OUTSOURCIA Group was awarded by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), the Special Prize for the Brand Developing Internationally. This reward comes in recognition of the pioneering development of Outsourcia on the European call center market.



Since 2011, OUTSOURCIA has been ranked among the top 500 Arab companies in terms of growth. This ranking established annually by Allword Network aims at identifying and promoting the best private companies in the region. The awarded companies have been selected on the basis of several criteria audited between 2008 and 2013: turnover growth, job creation and social responsibility.



Since 2011, OUTSOURCIA has been ranked among the top 50 North African companies in terms of growth. Allworld Network, created in 2007 by Harvard professors, annually establishes the ranking of the fastest growing companies in the various regions of the world: Middle East, Africa, Asia, Eurasia and Latin America.



Alias Community, a digital agency specialized in Social Media, subsidiary of the OUTSOURCIA group, was awarded the Trophy of the Best Communication Concept by a panel of experts, during the 1st DevCom Morocco organized on December 7 and 8, 2011 in Casablanca. The challenge lies in providing an innovative service or product intended for professionals in Business Development, Marketing and Communication. The jury selected the candidate according to the following criteria: innovation, originality, efficiency, compliance with deadlines. A dozen companies took part in this competition, Alias Community won this award unanimously.

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