OUTSOURCIA has developed a broad range of flexible and highly secure technological partnerships that guarantee consistent operations in the regions and countries where the group is established.

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    Axialys is a technology company that brings together the skills of a SaaS software publisher and a telecom operator to offer Cloud services to customer relations departments.

    The products used :

    Axialys Voice Management is a Cloud platform that manages « Voice » flows within contact centers.

    SVI, ACD, CTI are the three software bricks integrated into Voice Management, which :
    • Receive and qualify requests: customer code entry, caller location, schedule management, etc.
    • Direct the call to the right agent: based on his or her qualifications, language or level of support to be provided.
    • Couple telephony with the information system in place, whether it is «  in-house » or a market standard (CRM, ticketing, databases, etc.)

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    Bitdefender is a global cybersecurity company. Its technologies protect over 500 million users

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    Since 1995, Cedricom Services has been offering solutions for enriching telephone number files, data qualification, and the rental and purchase of multi-channel marketing files.

    Whatever the target, Cedricom Services helps its clients optimize their marketing actions with individuals and/or professionals.

    Cedricom Services offers :

    • Updating customer data in anticipation of a loyalty campaign, telemarketing operation, after sending a mailing, etc.
    • Database creation for prospecting operations via a mailing campaign, emailing, telemarketing, SMS sending, etc.

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    Call center services operator and telemarketing software publisher. CloudControl overturns conventional thinking and gives birth to a new generation of full IP contact centers..

    CloudControl's solutions allow call centers to take advantage of technological developments without migration constraints

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    iAdvize is a conversational marketing platform that allows companies to interact instantly with their visitors via Tchat, Callback, Video, Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook and Twitter.

    iAdvize has also launched ibbü. These are the best experts, who are available at any time to advise your visitors.

    Combined with a behavioral targeting engine, iAdvize offers assistance to the visitor who really needs it, at the right time and in the right place, thus increasing conversion rates and optimizing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

    The European leader in real-time engagement, iAdvize is present in 40 countries and is used by more than 2,500 websites: e-commerce, tourism, insurance, finance. etc. The company works with CDiscount, Leroy Merlin, Disney, OUIsncf, Nespresso, Mano Mano, Backmarket, i-Run, etc.

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    Wshop is a software provider dedicated to the management of digital commerce activities. From the front end (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile) to the back end, the solution covers all the needs of the merchant. Campaign manager, Catalog management (multilingual, multi-currency), PIM, Merchandising, Analytics, POS, CRM & E-CRM. A unique, simple, complete and scalable solution to ensure the success of your digital business in France and abroad.

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