• Outsourcia's activity is mainly deployed by both men and women who converse with its end customers every day. Thus, their well-being at work is a major and strategic issue. This is why Outsourcia has made it a pillar of its CSR policy.

Since its inception, it has been committed to promoting the well-being of its employees. All of its actions have always been aimed at creating a better working climate that is favorable to good mental and physical health. From the ergonomic and pleasant work spaces to the events organized for the employees, going through a set of actions related to their fundamental rights at work, Outsourcia decided in 2012 to have this approach labeled and thus obtained the CGEM CSR label. A label that was renewed in 2015 and is being renewed for the 3rd time.

Today, Outsourcia is going further in its commitment and has decided to formalize, through a set of policies and charters, its promises to its employees to create a work environment that respects gender, origins and diversity, and is conducive to fulfillment and well-being.

Please see our « CSR Charter »


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